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We were up to our ears in the corporate world of fashion when it all came to a crashing halt and the company closed. After having tossed around the idea of doing our own thing one day, we found ourselves with a fresh start and time to make it happen!

We started with the idea of bringing affordable, feminine silhouettes to female sports fans. We hit the ground running and chased the market with some great success, but all the rules and regulations in the sports market stifled our creativity and it just didn't fill the niche in our own lives. We began to get overwhelmed and were always one step away from burning out. With repeated requests from people outside of the sports market to develop custom lines for them, we realized there might be a better way to flourish. 

When the universe calls, you don't send it to voicemail. So we answered the call, made some changes and let our hearts take us back to a place where we could create, customize and insert more joy in the lives of our customers and ourselves through our designs. We now offer our own exclusive Conversealte apparel and design custom lines for everyone - not just the ladies! We have designed lines for music festivals, breweries, corporate events, fundraisers, personal projects and more. We offer everything from fashion-forward pieces to basics and no job is too big or small. If you can envision it, we can make it happen.

Even though we've seen a lot, we certainly haven't seen it all and with our can-do spirit and whole lot of determination we're ready to take on the world and all it has offer. Simply put, we love what we do and hope you do, too! So, keep checking in with us as we keep evolving the brand and bringing more great pieces to our collections.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who has been with us since the beginning and to those of you just joining us on our journey. Feel free to contact us anytime you have something to say or just want to chat. We always have time for friends!

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